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I posted two files.

  1. Problem.png - is what I am actually trying to achieve. Delete all the lines from several families and family types. In the test file I used two families with two family types per each family.
  2. Capture.png is the graph after I run it.

Although element.delete node returns both null value, first value functions OK. It deletes the all the lines inside the family. The problem is that the graph doesn’t do that on the second one.

Best regards, Branimir

please, always zoom into some few nodes and then use the camera upper right, this gives the best image :slight_smile:
…and please give also the graph file (.dyn)

could you also upload two sample families for the test?

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here is the dyn file, and test families.

Best regards, Branimir

Air Terminal_1.rfa (340 KB)
Air Terminal_1.txt (1.5 KB)
Air Terminal_2.rfa (340 KB)
Air Terminal_2.txt (1.5 KB)
Family Lines_Test.dyn (12.0 KB)

There was an error in the code for the delete node. Sorry for that… I have now updated the code. However, I have at the moment a betabuild in test which has some changes to the environment so I cant make a “release” version before this beta is finished.

Therefore, please install the beta build present at my Github. I have added an “update” node to your graph, so you will be warned when a release is ready. It opens automatically the github page in such case.

Family Lines_Test.dyn (27.9 KB)

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@erfajo It seems that it works now. Thank you very much.

@SeanP Did you maybe have time to take a look how to rename parameters?

Best regards, Branimir

I have nodes for renaming parameters as well…

Yes, I know, but I don’t know how can I with your nodes rename family parameters if I don’t know their name. For example, I would like that:

XXXXX = Parameter 1
YYYYY = Parameter 2
ZZZZZ = Parameter 3.

where I don’t know XXXX, YYYY, ZZZZ. I just want that node recognizes all family parameters and change their name into Parameter 1…X

Best regards, Branimir

you need to know something… if you dont have an idea what you search for then is the computer surely not capable to do it.
a computer can only replicate what a human can do and “explain” the computer to do. a computer is not a magic machine with its own brain.

Yes, I know how would I do that…I am not just sure if Dynamo has such capabilities…

I would use:

  • your nodes for collecting of all families inside the project
  • collect all family parameters inside file (node that I dont know if exists)
  • rename them with following name Parameter 1…X (node that I dont know if exists)
  • your nodes for reloading families inside the project.

Best regards, Branimir

It looks like you may be able to do this (mostly) with a few nodes:

It appears that @erfajo does have a node for renaming parameters here:

You should be able to use this python to “get” all of the parameter names in the family document for the Orchid node:

import clr
from Autodesk.Revit.DB import *

import RevitServices
from RevitServices.Persistence import DocumentManager

doc = UnwrapElement(IN[0])
elementlist = list()
if doc.IsFamilyDocument:
	for param in doc.FamilyManager.Parameters:
OUT = elementlist

Keep in mind that if there are shared parameters it will probably not work and/or be MUCH more complicated.

if you not by now know which nodes I have it begins to look a lot like a “do my job” question.

All what you need and what you ask for is covered in my nodes… all of it.
combine this with the ootb nodes and you are good to go.

@SeanP, I dont think showing code helps anything in this case, as it neither will in most cases. Those who understand coding is a fraction of the users. Those few will ask in a manner where it is obvious that a coding answer is what is wanted.

Hi @erfajo ,

I managed to filter out family parameters from the families. Now I came to the step where I need to rename all of those parameters… I knew how to input sourceName, but I don’t know how to input targetName that should correspond to the list sourceName.

Any ideas?

Best regards, Branimir

Rename family parameters.dyn (13.1 KB)

I think something like this would help you. Get the count of the number of parameters you have, then append a name "Parameter " and number “Range” to get something.

You would connect your Set.Difference node into the Count in this case. and the + node would connect into the targetName.

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thanks for this. It seems that this does a trick until the @erfajo parameter.rename node, because it only changes name to the first parameter on the list (Parameter 0).

It seems like that node is able only to receive one input at time, or am I wrong?

Rename family parameter_V2.dyn (19.5 KB)

It looks like the list lengths are different when you use the range node. Subtract one (-1) from the “count” number coming out of the Set.Difference node to make sure you have equal lengths going in.

Unfortunatelly it still doesn’t work…

Parameter_rename%20error Rename family parameter_V3.dyn (20.3 KB)

Look at that error message and it would seem that the renaming function did work before and now that parameter already exists. I would go into your testing file and “undo” the DynamoScipts and then check to see if that resolves it, but it would seem that the graph is working. Would you show an image of your Parameters List for clarity?

I have released the beta build nodes…

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Does your parameter.rename support multiple parameter renaming as described in my problem?

It seems that I am having similar problems as with Element.Delete before you fixed it…

Best regards, Branimir

not in my test… works as expected. Parameter.Rename is also an old node, while the Element.Delete with a document input was made to support this topic.