Delete url and identification to family

Bonjour à vous,

Je viens vous demander votre aide concernant les familles,
Il y as t-il quelqu’un qui as déjà utilisé un programme pour supprimer l’ensemble des données d’une famille trouvé sur internet pour la purger ?

@yann.renault ,

In english please… whats your attention?

as i can follow, you just nett SetParameterByName… overwrite your values with ""



@yann.renault please use the English language, there is a French Dynamo forum.

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Hi Yann,

English language is a requirement for the proper functioning of this forum.
If you prefer to write in French, you can use the French Dynamo forum:

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Hello to you,

I come to ask for your help concerning the families,
Has anyone ever used a program to delete all of a family’s data found on the internet to purge it?

i have to clean all family in my project…

@yann.renault it should be fairly easy using Element.SetParameterByName node.

i have try but bu example manufactured is on grey so it’s not working because it’s already write on the family, not in the project

@yann.renault you need to background open/ Edit families, check the Orchid package for that.

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thanks tradelie but i didn’t find the good package …
can you explain me how can i do for background open and edit families ?

@yann.renault sorry for the late reply, try this, packages used archilab, clockwork and Orchid:
To install Orchid package, follow the instructions in the node you are pointing at: