Orchid package possibilities

Hi All,

I want to know is Orchid package able to do following:

  1. Collect all families inside document, delete all lines inside families and of course update all the families?
  2. Collect all families inside document, rename all family parameters inside families (without knowing all the names of parameters), and of course update all the families?

Best regards, Branimir

@erfajo, this looks like it is for you.

I am not very familiear with everything Orchid contains, but I do know that you can certain open families, delete lines and then save as I have written a graph to purge unused elements from detail families and load them back in. This can be a great time saver, but can also be disastrous if not done right.

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thanks for your heads up @SeanP :slight_smile:

@brane1012, try to look at my sample collection, it might inspire you :slight_smile:

From your description, yes this can be done…

I looked at your sample collection but couldn’t find the answer…That is one of the reasons I posted that on this forum :slight_smile:

I saw in your examples that you have Element-Category.dyn where I can select all the lines inside the family and eventually delete them, but I don’t know how to load back into current project because selection nodes don’t have output “document”.

try to combine it with
“FamilyDocument / Collect families in project.dyn”

the part you have to work with one family from “Element-Category.dyn” should replace what is in the green box…


I am not sure if I understood you correctly…I tried to recreate your advice but couldn’t find the solution… Please see attachment:

Test.dyn (10.4 KB)

Best regards, Branimir

add a Await node that waits for the output (the watch output), set the document as the datastream to pass.

Test.dyn (11.3 KB)

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Tnx for this. Now it seems logical, but unfortunatelly I have another problem with this script…When I try to delete lines from family I get following error:

Test.dyn (11.5 KB)

Best regards, Branimir

It seems that this error occurs when several files are being opened… fortunately, I know what to do about it, so I only need to update the package.

However, I am building some nodes at the moment I would like to include before releasing a new build… should be ready within 24 hours… I will return when a new build is available.

OK, great.

Just as info to you, this was my only opened file…If that helps you with anything…

Best regards, Branimir

@brane1012 I don’t think the element.Delete will work like this. You have to modify the node / python to be deleting things from the Family Doc. This node as is defaults to the main Doc and won’t work.

You can see this example I have shared on here before:

And how can I recreate this? I must admit that I am not familiar with Python…

Can this node be downloaded from somewhere?

With a little bit of searching, it appears that the Genius Loci Package has a Delete Element from Document Node. I would start with that package if Python isn’t the best route for you.

View here for reference:


On first it seems that it works. I will do some more testing :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

Best regards, Branimir

as @SeanP mention… i miss an input for several files, and I have coded the node. it will be released within 24 hours. together with some other nodes.

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I am now thinking about my second question, but I believe this is not possible without actually knowing the name of parameters that I want to rename:

2. Collect all families inside document, rename all family parameters inside families (without knowing all the names of parameters), and of course update all the families?

Do you have any thoughts about this?

Best regards, Branimir

In what way do you want them renamed? If you need specific ones renamed to some else specific you will need to have all that info. If you just want them named like “param 1” to “param 12” or something yes you can do that. I would need to get in front of a computer, but I believe bi have code to do that.

Exactly what you said…I would like that all parameters are named from Parameter 1…Parameter XXX.

I would greatly appreciate if you can give me some guidance.

Best regards, Branimir


here is the new node… (download from my github)

Test.dyn (12.7 KB)



I did some testing and it seems that node works, but only when you have one family type loaded into project. When I have several types loaded into project node deletes only the first type. Is that normal?

Best regards, Branimir