Optimo - bug with more iterations or population

I am using optimo for finding the best position for a numbering block on a drawing. It works perfectly with 40 of populationSize and 20 Iteration Number. The problem is that I want it to be more precise, but if I try to change iteration number for 30, or 35, or even just try to change the population size for a bigger number, the function does not work… There are some “magic numbers” that work for one of the objects but not for the others, randomly (it looks like)… Can anyone explain me that? I really have no idea of why does it works for some iteration numbers and not for others…
Thank you!

Hey there,
I know this is an old thread… but I’m actually having the same issue. Did you manage to fix this issue? Thanks


I don`t remember the exact solution for that, however I can give you some hints about it…
After spending a long time trying, we realized that, on that moment, Dynamo’s way of controlling objects was exceeding the computer’s memory, because each generation information was being held. So it started to break unnexpectedly. Therefore we decided to create our own Genetic Algorithm via .NET so we could have more control not only about the memory issue, but also to customize the behaviour of the genetic algorithm depending on each problem.

I am not sure if your problem is related to that, but if you are struggling to do it on Dynamo (1.x versions, I don’t know if this problem was well fixed in Dynamo 2), I reccomend you to start a new approach outside Dynamo.

Okay, thanks.