OpenMEP Package Feedback Thread

Hi everyone, today I want to tell you that a stable and long-term support package for mep engineers opensource has been released.

OpenMEP Package also includes a comprehensive library of MEP components, making it easy to select and incorporate the right components into your design. This library includes a wide range of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components, including pipes, fittings, valves, ducts, electrical equipment, and more fully automate your design process in design, maintenance, calculation and analysis,…

We believe that the MEP Package will be a valuable asset to construction professionals looking to streamline the MEP design process and ensure that their projects are completed on time and within budget.

Some features of this package:

  • Fast delivery package for MEP Engineer
  • Easy to use and interactive with Dynamo Revit
  • Easy to collaborate with other engineer
  • Easy to report bug
  • Easy to maintain, support multiple version of Dynamo Revit
  • Easy install, update, uninstall

Now, I accept all idea and all issue, contribute from all people all the word.

Open Source : GitHub - chuongmep/OpenMEP: A awesome package for MEP Engineer Automation Inside Dynamo Revit

Preview :


Looks fantastic, I will add this to my rather small (but now 1 bigger) list of packages for engineers!

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Thanks @GavinCrump , I hope it will resolve many problem with engineer and old package now.

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I installed the package, but it does not appear in dynamo, do I have to do any more steps?

Hi @Angel76 , what revit version and dynamo version you are working?

Revit 2021 - Dynamo
Revit 2023 - Dynamo
I can’t open it in any

I just did this install:

I think you working with first version release of Autodesk, you need go to Autodesk Desktop App And update latest version first.
With Revit 2023, at the moment dynamo is version 2.16, let update to 2023.1 & Dynamo Revit 2.16
With Revit 2021, I see because you are working with old API, let update to version 2021.1.7

I have this version in revit 2021.1.7, or is it referring to updating dynamo?

With Revit 2023, I sure that is you need update first , but with Revit Version 2021, I need time to check with API IsValidDisplayUnit Method (UnitType, DisplayUnitType) first, becuase it is one part of update in version 2021

I will update revit 2023 and let you know how it goes, thank you very much chuongmep

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Version 2023 now is supported both 2.13 and 2.16


Pipe.Create is full support enough now


Hi, i am using Revit 2020, i have installed but dont appear in dynamo, do i what do wrong?

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Hi @jcchan1112 , can help me show detail Revit Version and Dynamo Revit Version ?

I am using Revit 2020.2 and Dynamo thanks

@jcchan1112 You issue fixed at : Release · chuongmep/OpenMEP · GitHub
let try with this version, detail error you can see at : Duct Improve Expand Node, Fix R20 Release by chuongmep · Pull Request #11 · chuongmep/OpenMEP · GitHub

It works ! thank you your help.

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New version stable published, now all basic Node has full detail example :smiley:


What is new in OpenMEP V2 Version :wink::


Supported Split Curve with more selection in latest version

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