Open Views through Dynamo

Hey all

I’ve created a definition that generates a list (in Excel) showing which views a specific detail item and/or group is placed upon.

Is it possible to get Revit to open all of those views or sheets through Dynamo?

As the script is used to localize items prior to changing them, it would be a even greater time saver if it would be possible to give the user an option to open the views/sheets in question.


Hi @Christian_Boggild_Sc,

I’m afraid, as far as I’m aware, this functionality is prohibited in Dynamo even though it is available through the API.


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Daniel knows way more than I do but I think this may be possible. Take a look at this post over on Revit Forum. The last page has the most up to date script by andrewkingme. The script finds revision clouds on sheets and views. It somehow works by opening the view searching for the cloud and then closing the view. Sorry I am not more helpful not very good a reading code.

Hope this can get you closer to a solution,

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Thanks Daniel, even though this was not the answer I was hoping for!

Yeah, sorry about that @Christian_Boggild_Sc.

What about now?

Likely this still isn’t doable, but another solution may exist.

If you get the Element ID when you run the script and send it to the clipboard you can use a select by ID command in Revit to ‘show’ the item. I haven’t checked to see if this can be done programmatically but I know the Clipboard.SendTo plus a custom keyboard shortcut for Select by ID (SID is mine) plus ctrl + v two tab presses and a space bar allows you to review one by one.

I realize that on a larger dataset this isn’t ideal, but it may be that even if you could programmatically open all views in the larger dataset at once, even zooming extents to the items and selected them, I’m not sure that even the best user would be able to review each instance for all views at once.

I reccomend starting a new thread, giving more details of what you are after, and linking back here to open further dialog, as this is already marked as solved and two solutions can’t be had for the same problem.

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Hi @DaltonGOO / @Christian_Boggild_Sc ,

Something similar to this?

Cycle thru views on viewsets and make active view

It will need some tweaking of course to get what you are after. For example, finding the element you want on particular views and finding which sheets those views reside, fairly simple stuff. I’d raise another ticket for those particular items as those do not tie up with the thread title.


Jacob, Once again you did it! Thank you so much… I am going through these disasterous Revit Files (Created before I got here), and trying to isolate the CAD Imported Files specifically. Mission accomplished.

Thanks bud!

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