Offsetting a every other row in a grid of sine waves

hello, I am trying to create a representation of a mogul course and would like to take this grid of sine waves here and offset every other row of “bumps” by 1/2 the sine curve like is shown in the picture. Also I would really like to be able to parameterically tilt this plane that they are on on angle parametrically, so instead of using the XY plane like I am here, i want to use a plane that is on, say a 45 degree angle from the xy plane. Is that possible? How would I do those two things. Please see attached.

Here is perhaps a better image…

Could you not alternate a sine and cosine wave?

@mix Not a geometric or mathematical solution, but might work for you
Just a different point of view :slight_smile:
eggtray.dyn (9.6 KB)


@Vikram_Subbaiah thats pretty much exactly what im looking for! what makes you say that its not a geometric or mathematical solution? BTW is there anyway to tilt one end of it up by a certain degree (angle) so that it is on a slope? Thanks!

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Because all I actually did was rotate the geometry by 45°
That’s what I meant by changing the point of view

Should be possible if you obtain points from a sloped surface and translate them perpendicular to the surface.

How do I obtaing points from a sloped surface that I dont have and if I translated them perpendicular to the surface, then the slope wouldnt change, it would just offset the surface. So Im not following you. Please clarify. Can you show your graph? Thanks!

@mix Here is an example where I’ve rotated the base plane
eggtray.dyn (10.2 KB)


Ok now we are getting some where but everything is off axis. I need my UV isolines to be perpendicular to the boarders and coordinate system. See below. Since we rotated the surface, I dont know how to do that