Sine Wave Geometry Question

Sorry, I just need to ask.

As per the attached image I have two sets of NURBS (the top and the bottom). Is there a way to generate the top sine waves along the bottom NURBS? So the resulting sine waves will have different base elevations by which is relative to the bottom NURBS.

Thank you very much in advance ^^

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@vbaac ,

Check out this topic here … :wink:

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Hi bro @Draxl_Andreas ,

Thank you for your prompt reply… to be honest, I am not sure how to solve the problem using the script shown in the link you provided. But I am seriously trying find it out how it can be applied.

Hi @vbaac ,

Could you perhaps share your dynamo file/ this dataset?

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hi Bros @Draxl_Andreas @Daan ,

Thank you for your help. I think I understood the solution. I just used the curve points below as a base to generate sine waves. I just switched the level to L2 for the geometry input of the Geometry.Translate Node.

My final task will be to figure out how to import this dynamo geometry to a family and used in the project…

thank you ^^

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Hi @Draxl_Andreas @Daan,

Sorry, just a follow-up question. Have you encountered a geometry from dynamo, when exported to revit it does not render properly? see photo (there are several fins that did not render the wave continuously)…

I tried the nodes below to export the geometry to revit with the same results.


I attached the dyn file also.

trial05.dyn (66.7 KB)

Thank you ^^

Hmm that is weird, maybe you could try exporting those solids as DirectShapes.
I am however not too familiar with this subject.

Perhaps @jacob.small has another/ better idea.

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Can’t tell how you built this as I don’t have a Revit on this system to test it… Assuming you used the Form.ByGeometry node?

If so, try a FamilyType.ByGeometry node, followed by a FamilyInstance.ByPoint node. You may have to scale stuff up from your project units to feet to overcome the units issue if you’re in later builds.

If that issue continues to persist, try opening one of the families and review it in that environment. It could just be how the importer is working. If you confirm that’s the issue, push just the curves on one face, and use those to build a loop which can be extruded by the depth of the fin.

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Hi bros @jacob.small @Daan ,

@jacob.small is correct. I think it has something to do with how I built the object from the bare units of dynamo. It is too small to be properly propagated. I recreated the base surface from an existing element in the project and a few adjustments to the parameters. The script produced larger solids compared to my first one.


And everything is well now ^^, thank you so much for the help…