ObjectsByProperty does not return objects


I’m currently working on a script in Civil 3D. I want to select objects by property value, but the codeblock ObjectsByProperty returns lists containing null - not objects. What am I missing here?

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The node is missing input, the property set name, the property name and a value operator.

Thank you for the replay. I am still a bit confused, what kind of input should I give to the value operator? The property value is a value I’ve added manually to the property set.

There is a value operator node but basically it is just a string that says if the property value must be equal or greater or smaller than.

You use this when you want to filter all objects that has the same value, or all objects that do not have that value. I.e. to filter all trees of a specific type, or all drains with a diameter of x, and so on.

Thank you for the explanation. I got my script to work.

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