Objects show in dynamo but not in civil 3D?

Hi all,

I thought this would be a very simple task. but it looks like I need help inserting the object to civil 3d.
I took a sample insert points from excel to build a surface script and modified to insert a circle and extrude, the items all show up fine in dynamo, but it doesn’t draw the items in Civil 3d. Also, I couldn’t find a tool to change case to negative values, so I added it in excel file for now. The sample when done should show an extruded circle that will start at existing ground elevation and extrude in the z direction. for now, I just included the existing ground elevation plus 50 feet for testing. see extrude circles jpg.

Thank you for any help you can provide.
add-cylinders-Points-from-excel.dyn (44.7 KB)
cylinders-SamplePointsFile - PNEZD.xlsx (165.6 KB)

Is there a reason that you have used Curve.Extrude from the circle? It seems to be some issues to extrude closed curves as a surface.

I used solids instead and it work like a charm. Then remember that you need to add Object.byGeometry to add objects from Dynamo to Civil3D



Thank you so much for your help. Perfect.
I used Curve.Extrude only because that was what I saw in a video that someone used for extruding circles.

Thank you, Patrick

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Glad it worked. :slight_smile:
You can set my post as solution if it’s ok.