Hi all.As i am self learning and very new to dynamo,may be question and script will look dumb.Appologies.
Hi I am trying to convert object’s colour,linetype etc by layer.For linetype its working fine but for color its not taking Bylayer. Here is my basic script.
One more can anybody suggest better way of doing this as iam doing using repetive nodes as i am not still good in using lists

Try an integer, value 0 or 256 (one is ByLayer ACI, the other is ByBlock).

Thanks for reply.I guess it still doesnot work
I was reading one of your old post.It says it cnt be applied to a object

The mentioned nodes can’t apply color to an object, only to a layer, but there must be nodes available in other packages that can do that, I guess. At the moment I have no computer nearby, maybe I can have a look later this week.

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Maybe this can help you Set ACAD Object Color to ByLayer - #6 by JPhil

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Can you set ByLayer using this node from Camber?

This camber thing i am not getting completely installed on my Dynamo.It doesnot have all nodes.


As i am using C3d 2020.Camber nodes doesnot work. :grinning:
As per the thread

@wardhanraj you’ll need to update Civil 3D to 2020.6 at a minimum. I think the latest update is 2020.6.3.

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