Dynamo for Civil does not support AutoCAD ACI - correct?

Hi … it looks like all CAD object colours are RGB, the 256 ACI AutoCAD colour method is not supported - correct? ACI can only be applied using Pythion Script - yes?
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The Arkance Systems Node Library has nodes that supports ACI colors. The Camber package too and also supports Color Books.

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The drawing office standard here is to apply colours by layer. So … I have been fortunate … easy enough to python script layer creation with ACI colour, thanks to existing forum posts - altghough… I realised that I needed to apply line-type as well - and … I have not got that right yet.

You can apply the color to a layer, not necessarily to an object.

The same goes for linetypes.

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Here’s one a made a bit ago that uses Camber node for setting the ACI color, and gets layer names and their respective color and line type etc from an excel file. Hope this helps. I added on a big, possibly unnecessary, filter to isolate certain groups or “disciplines” so you could have a master list of all layers to choose from.

02-Layer-Create from Excel v5.dyn (80.7 KB)
Layer-Create from Excel v2.xlsx (21.7 KB)