Dynamo for Civil does not support AutoCAD ACI - correct?

Hi … it looks like all CAD object colours are RGB, the 256 ACI AutoCAD colour method is not supported - correct? ACI can only be applied using Pythion Script - yes?
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The Arkance Systems Node Library has nodes that supports ACI colors. The Camber package too and also supports Color Books.


The drawing office standard here is to apply colours by layer. So … I have been fortunate … easy enough to python script layer creation with ACI colour, thanks to existing forum posts - altghough… I realised that I needed to apply line-type as well - and … I have not got that right yet.

You can apply the color to a layer, not necessarily to an object.

The same goes for linetypes.

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Here’s one a made a bit ago that uses Camber node for setting the ACI color, and gets layer names and their respective color and line type etc from an excel file. Hope this helps. I added on a big, possibly unnecessary, filter to isolate certain groups or “disciplines” so you could have a master list of all layers to choose from.

02-Layer-Create from Excel v5.dyn (80.7 KB)
Layer-Create from Excel v2.xlsx (21.7 KB)


I’m making a tool for a cad team who isn’t very savy with dynamo. Yes I can use the Camber node to set a layer to an ACI color … but why, when Dynamo has been available for Civil3D for so long now, why isn’t there a stock node in Dynamo for Civil3D for this? It’s such a basic thing that is needed by anyone using CTB’s.

If I do it using a package like Camber, I’ll have to hold each of their hands, helping them add it, and then whenever Camber gets updated, they’ll be scared off by the warnings even if it still works, and I’ll have to remove the node and re-add it, and re-distribute the tool. Because Dynamo can’t just grab the package it needs automatically.

People above mentioned Python code for doing the same thing, I’ll search for that, but it just shouldn’t be necessary for this.

Thank you. Rant done.