CAD Linetype & color by layer

I am trying to select all the objects in modelspace and set the color and linetypes properties to be by layer but i don’t see a way to do it. Does it needs to be done thru python?

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I am not really familiar with Dynamo for Civil 3D but those values are stored in parameters (that is the way it is done in revit). Maybe you could try to check all the element.parameters for each Object.

If you want to do that in Dynamo, guess for sure will need python codes.

But your aim is so simple and it is sure faster to be done manually directly (Just Ctrl-A, Ctrl-1, and change the properties in property panel) in AutoCAD than through Dynamo.

It is fast if you don’t have too many objects but with too many objects its not ideal.

@csanchez you need to set the ColorIndex property to 256 and Linetype to ‘ByLayer’ for all the entities


FYI there is a dedicated node for this in Camber v3.0.0.