Object Styles

Does anyone know how to delete subcategories of the Line Styles category? I am finding it very hard to get the element ID’s. I am trying to remove thousands of Line styles.

Neil, I hope you are fine!

try that to identify linestyle ids.




the python code is rather basic:



from here you might go via excel list for deletion of matching linestyles

like - export the names to excel.

delete there what you don’t need.

reimport that to revit and delete the styles

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the help Peter, I’m doing grand. Hope all is well with yourself.

Can I be a pain and ask you re-post the images? I cannot see the code in the small image format.

eirannejad from Github sent me a link to the python script <strong class=“final-path” style=“color: #000000;”>Wipe_deleteSiteDesignerLineStyles.py Which does exactly what it should (thanks eirannejad), but there is a line style called “0_Stylo_No__1” in the project that is not accessible/editable or delete(table) using any method I’ve across yet.

I think the issue we are facing is a deeper problem. I’ve read that Site Designer could have been the start of the problem. Anyhow if you can post the image of the python code that’d be great. Thanks


Hi Peter,

As with Neil’s request, can you please post your Python script a little larger? I too cannot read it.

Once I get the list, I will want to merge and purge various Detail Item Subcategories and rename to achieve consistency across the project.

Any thoughts on how to achieve this?


Hi Philip,

See Screenshot below is clear picture of the Python.


Hi all - I got my head around getting all line styles out to Excel in order to rename them. Trying to write back the renamed line styles seems to be a bit of a bitch - seems that we need to drill down very deep to rename the GSTYLE… but still my efforts fail…

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