Object.Copy only copying object to first point in list

I have a relatively simple script using Object.Copy to copy a surface spot label to a set of points. I started it off from the script by @PankinAleksandr posted here:

I divided it into two parts, 1. to get the points from the Feature Lines in one CAD file and export it to CSV, then 2. another script to copy and place the surface labels in another CAD file to all the points from the imported CSV.
For some reason, it is only copying the label to the first point in the list. Here is the second script where Iā€™m getting the problem:

The label you see on the left is the one label that got successfully copied, but there should also be another copy on the end point to the right. The list of points going into Object.Copy has two points as you can see in the Watch node. Any idea what could be going on?

Try setting the lacing to longest on the Object.Copy node.


Many thanks!
Off the Primer to brush up on Lacing.