NurbsCurve from Flux

Afternoon all,
I’m getting a series of NurbsCurve, and of course i wanna do something with them :slight_smile:
When i run them through Curve.ApproximateWithArcAndLineSegments some of them fail because of an arc segment too small (arc found shorter than the minimum length).
Any idea how to fix that? Im ok with replacing the arcs with a line of course.


Hi @Daniel_Hurtubise

Get the end points of all arcs -> Connect all the points to “NurbsCurve.ByControlPoints” to get nurbs curve.

To convert lines. Get the end points of all arcs -> Connect points list to “Polycurve.ByPoints”.

Thanks Kulkul,
i can’t get the arc’s endpoint since the node Curve. ApproximateArcAndLineSegments wono’t create them.

If i ignore that and keep working with the ones that have a closed loop, i get a weird results on extruding.

Any idea what’s going on here since the outline seems good?

@Daniel_Hurtubise Could you show us what is your end result should look like?

If i could i wouldnt have the problem ahahahahah
I want to create masses using that outline. It’s for a site where those would be the surrounding buildings

Ok what is missing there? You already got the boundaries. Filter the inner boundaries and extrude with distance.

Thats what im trying but the red box is the results of the extrusion… looks more like a bounding box orientation to the XYZ then an extrusion of the cyrves to me no?