Numbers: decimal places

Hypothetically speaking, what if I need more than 4 decimal places? How should I proceed?

What is the context of the question? Are you referring to Revit unit display?

The context is input some numerical info. An example, if I have to multiply a number by 0.000001 but for some reasom I cannot use any rounding node.

I can’t think of any better example right on. Sorry…

Here’s some examples of number ranges and their display in Dynamo:

Without a better understanding of the task, my recommendation would be to adjust your unit scale when you represent your data (pull out the 10^-6) so that you don’t lose significant digits through the process.

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Great! But can I assign a Code Block as an Input node to run the script in Dynamo Player?

I’m not trying do accomplish any task right now. I did early in the day, worked some point coordinates, and came the curiosity what to do with them if they had more than the 4 decimal places.

Hello @rodrigo.bezerraRD5KM - Is it because it’s a graphical problem? The node itself will technically return the full value, but won’t display beyond 4 decimal places.



Thanks! I guess that’s what I needed to know.