Number to Letter - Python

I am just trying to get the input number to give me the corresponding letter out but I am not getting anything. Here is what I have right now. I am sure this is something little, but I can’t see it.

Num to Letter

Assuming that you want your script to return “a” for an input of 1, when using the ord() function, you will need to add 96 to your input value (97 = "“a”, 98 = “b” etc.).

Alternatively, you may just want to use Character.FromNumber from package Clockwork and be done with it… :wink:


Thanks for the reply and sorry to the delay in response. I am not sure what wasn’t working the first time, but here is the working code. I have also published this as Number.ToAlpha in the package manager. It doesn’t extend past Z for me, but was simpler in my mind and also works from 0 to 25 not 1 to 26. Thank you!