Increment a mixed list of alphanumeric strings

So I have a list that can contain numbers and letters which are strings. On each routine this list needs to be incremented by 1, Example 1-2, 47-48, A-B and G-H. I can get it work by turning strings to numbers, +1 them in a code block then convert back to a string to populate the parameter. I can’t figure out how to do this with letters.
Has anyone come across something like this before?

A bit of googling brought me this. Maybe take a look at it and give it a shot.

Hello try this Python script

lst_toIncr = IN[0] #input value must be a string's list digit or alpha
out = []
for val in lst_toIncr:
	if val.isdigit():
		out.append(str(int(val) + 1))
		out.append(chr(ord(val) + 1))

OUT = out

List.IndexOf("A".."Z",a) == -1 ? String.ToNumber(a) + 1 : List.GetItemAtIndex(List.AddItemToEnd("A","A".."Z") , List.IndexOf("A".."Z",a) + 1);


Might be a bit faster to avoid the lookups, which will also help with mixed cases:

vals =

Cheers for that, this worked for what I need.

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Cheers again Jacob, this works on the newer version of Dynamo but this script sometimes has to work on Dynamo 1.3. Ill use this on projects post 2018.

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Ah, the horrors of the old versions. 2017 and up should support 2.0.4 though which might save you some coding time and package management and calculation times. Worth a consideration, but glad you’re sorted out either way. :slight_smile: