Number elements along a line

I want to number/renumber elements along a line.

Each element finds the shortest distance to the spline (perpendicular). This point on the line is the sorting order. Is there a function in Dynamo for this?

I have made such this program in Grasshopper and there the function was called “Curve Closest Point”



[video width=“1812” height=“764” mp4=“”][/video]









Step by step:

  1. Draw a spline

  2. Select objects

  3. The objects are renumbered in the order of the spline.


Hi Rune,

i don’t know if this is optimal but it seems to work.

you still need to compare the ordered points to the not ordered points to get a keylist so you can sort the “points near curve” in the right order

curve closest to

Here’s how you could sort your elements by the normalized curve parameters of the closest points:




Out of curiosity. How would you sort those lists without the clockwork node with “stock” dynamo nodes?

Martin, you would have to create a custom node that acts as the key projector for the built-in SortByKey node. In this example, the custom node would have to consist of three nodes (encircled with the red line):


Is there a way to get better pictures of these? I cant see anything on these and if I download them. the resolution makes it impossible to read. thanks.

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