Null values in Imperative block

I’m trying to create levels starting from an excel file that contains the name and elevation for each one these levels. I used this information as arguments in a def function and it is returning null values. I think I did a semantic or runtime error, but I can’t see that. Can anyone help me?


Two things :

First, you are not returning anything with your function. You must provide at a given point a return statement outside the Imperative block.
Second, inside the Imperative block, you are returning a value inside the for loop, causing the Imperative block, and thius the for loop, to stop too soon.

Try giving variable types in the definition of your function. Happened to me before and providing the function with this kind of information helped me.
If this does not work, you might want to check your inputs.


Hello mellouze,

I’m sorry for not answering you, It’s been so long since I came here but I remember your answer helped me a lot at the time. I was still learning the syntax and didn’t notice that kind of error. Thank you so much for your help and your time! I’m back :slight_smile:

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