Null list to empty list


Sometimes I have NULL in my LIST.TRANSPOSE, okay, because that depends on the information in my element.

BUT, I can not have NULL in LIST.JOIN …

I wanted to

In this example, I wanted to show (in LIST.JOIN) the data from the first LIST.TRANSPOSE that there is no error (null)…

But, because of the second LIST.TRANSPOSE that are with NULL … the LIST.JOIN holds with NULL.

My idea is to change NULL to the empty list …

Any way or suggestion?

Hi, have you tried with List.Clean?

Yes, but, when i have NULL in LIST.TRANSPOSE, will have only one NULL…

In this case, i need to chance NULL for EMPTY… not CLEAN

look, keep the same


Here it seems to work, did you connect your List.Clean to List.Join?


wasn’t working because before list.transpose null wasn’t a list