Merging SUBlists with null values

going crazy, and I need the awesome forum help…

I need to Join.List the sub lists of two lists of equal length, but the nodes do not work because there are some Nulls.

In the screen shot, item 0 of both lists needs to be Join.list even if one of them is Null…
The List.Combine has a Join.List in the Comb input.

Resulting Item 0 should be those two Wall elements (Null should just disappear when joined to a list with some elements?), the item 1 should be the joined list of the wall elements in both item 1(s) of the two lists, and so on.

Also tried:

but note that items 1 have 9 walls plus 19 walls, it should be a list on 28 walls, instead of only 19…

Thank you…



Have you tried List.Clean in null list.

This is what you want?

You can normalize the rank of your lists with this node, quite useful :


Thank you, yes infeeee example was what I was looking to obtain, but I got there using this, which also replaces nulls with empty lists:

Will see if it works in my script… Maybe leaving the nulls alone will also work.

thank you