Not full list after If function


I am newbie in Dynamo and in programming, but diligently read Dynamo’s help and forum. I have issue that I could not find in both ones. So…

I have list of numbers which after checking through IF function loose last number. How to fix it?

hmmm… try writing it like this

It doesn’t work either. I also tried through formula function, but result is the same.

try yo set == lacing to longest

Nothing changed (

Check to make sure your True and False input lists are of equal length.

…or use ScopeIf node:

The If node is designed output rectangular arrays, or arrays if a singletons and array are input (same rule applies for ternary operators). In your case the shorter list defines the list length, hence the ‘missing’ object.


This has been discussed with the Dynamo Team on github here:

Maybe you should ask there if they have made any progress…

Oh… Thank You! I will try ScopeIf.

I have sometimes recieved null values when using ScopeIf, but I haven’t tested it since it was reported a long time ago. I have used a designscript version similar to the one proposed by @Andreas_Dieckmann in the link @Einar_Raknes posted, like so:


ScopeIF gives error. I don’t know what this mean.

Thank You! This block works best of all.