NodeModelCharts - An open source custom UI node library for visualizing data within a Dynamo graph


A collection of custom UI graphing utility nodes for Dynamo, assisting users to visualize data on-the-go in the graph without the need for external files, windows, or images. This library leverages the open-source Live Charts API to display charts on Dynamo NodeModel derived nodes using WPF.

Demo Video

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Now we can review scatter plot testing before pushing to Refinery! Thanks @alfarok!


It is not installing properly!

What Dynamo version are you in?

@dineshsubramani I have not heard any other reports of this issue. Based on the error message, Cannot create a file when that file already exists, I would suggest wiping any reminiscence of the package from your packages directory and reinstalling. It appears the package was already installed or got into a bad state while pulling from the package manager. NodeModelCharts is exclusively built against Dynamo Core version 2.02+.

Core Packages:
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Core\2.X\packages\NodeModelCharts

Revit Packages:
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.X\packages\NodeModelCharts

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@dineshsubramani Were you able to get the issue resolved?

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Sorry to say bro it is not Installing event i tried it without any packages

Version of revit is 2018.3

@dineshsubramani It looks like you are still using Dynamo for Revit and Dynamo Core version 1.3.2 (check the about box and the image above which shows the old 1.3 library view). I believe the red is displaying to show a newer release is available.

You are getting the error message on package manager because it is already installed but doesn’t show up because it’s built against a newer version of Dynamo Core.

For example…

(But you should be using the latest released versions which are 2.0.2)

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Sorry Even now it is not installing

@dineshsubramani you are still using Dynamo 1.3.2, look at the “About Dynamo” dialogue box in the screenshot you posted…