nodeModel not updating

Anyone have an issue where they make a node through nodeModel, and it does not update when an input updates. If I remove the wire and add it back it all good and the node updates but if I change a number that is plugged into an input it does not update the node. Is there something that has to be implemented to listen for the change.

I don’t think so, I have not seen this if an input is updated node should re-execute… are you doing something complex in the nodeModel?

If it’s a code block or number node are you clicking off the node text input to make it execute?

Does a slider have the same issue?

Automatic mode?


Thanks fro the reply. It does not matter where the input change comes from, slider or other it will not trigger a refresh. I can even put a breakpoint at the top of code below, and it never is triggered. The code is in a private git repo if you want to see. the only way to get an update is to remove and replace a wire on an input

public override IEnumerable BuildOutputAst(List inputAstNodes)


@Robert_Cervellione1 why so secretive? :wink: