Node works in one script file but not another

I have two Dynamo files that contain a script that does the exact same thing: Filter a list of elements by their type name for formatting of an MTO later down the pipeline. My issue is the more recent file that is more up-to-date is giving me an error "AttributeError: ‘List[object]’ object has no attribute ‘Name’. I spent some time looking for a solution, only to decide to try an earlier version of the file (too early try and incorporate all the changes done unless no other solution works), and the very same node that receives the exact same input from the exact same Revit file does not give me that error, and in fact sorts the list as expected. Is there a glitch in my file that is going to make that python code unusable (e.i. an irreconcilable/inaccessible error buried within the file encoding itself), or is there some kind of issue with the line
that is generating the error in the updated file?

The series of nodes leading up to the node in question is slightly different, but no nodes that (should) alter the format of the information being fed in to the node in question has changed, only filtering nodes, and does not include any plugin nodes (OOTB and python script nodes only).

Okay, I posted this before I did any re-thinking with a fresh brain this morning. Turns out, I have an issue with the slightly different node setup. I was under the impression that my custom GetCategoryFilter node to get the Phase filter from my parsed config.ini file was not causing any formatting difference in output from my custom Filter - Phase Created node. I was incorrect, this node is now outputting a list with one more tier of complexity, effectively hiding the contents of it from my node in the OP and causing it to work incorrectly.

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