Node to delete all Sheets

Does anyone know of a node that deletes all sheets in a Revit project?

I don’t know of a specific node, but it shouldn’t be hard to create one yourself. Just get all sheets and delete.

Thanks Nick. Pretty new at Dynamo. Not sure where to start doing that.

I can get all the sheets. It’s the delete part that eludes me.

Archi-lab has a Delete node.

Yes. I tried that and it works well except it creates an error in Dynamo. The package says Revit 2018 and I’m using Revit 2017. Thanks for the help!

See attachments.



Try uninstalling and re-installing the archi-lab package. You may have to remove some dependencies as well.

Hi Nick,
Yeah I did that. Didn’t help.

Here are some alternatives from DanEDU package and Springs package:


I just saw those. Thanks for the help. I’ll try them Monday.

Thank you.

Did you ever get this script to work properly? If so would you mind sharing it?