Node Get Item at Index not to respect Index Of

Hello, I have treid to move description from excel to Furniture. All nodes works as I have suppoused, but the last one Get Item At index doesnt want to take items in the right order. Node IndexOf work correct, so it shows the order, which I would like to become. But Node Get Item at Index just ignore this order. Please, could you adwise, what I have made wrong?

@kirsanova.annaAR9RD , hi

if it is just the order use Sort.List… what is your final aim?

I want to translate spesifications from excel to furniture to parametr description. That should be the last step before seting parametr to type. There is full script. But I have made the similar skripts before and they work correct. I have no suggestions why.

Finaly I have found the solving: The check, that I had in first skript doesent work(RemoveItemAtIndex). Here is another opportunity, now it works as I want.
I have used List.SetIntersection for eleminating elements, that are not included in excel schedule.

I add window Watch for controling non-describing emelents.(List.SetDifference).
May it will be helpfull for someone.
Here is finaly version by skript