Node converting from line to element

Hello everyone,
I need to convert from line to element in order to feed create annotation tag node (all the way to the right of the graph) from archilab into it’s element input. Can anybody help?

You have a couple problems here…

Once you determine if the geometries intersect (DoesIntersect) you don’t want to mask the intersecting geometry, you want to mask the Duct elements the lines are coming from. You’ll need to use list levels to mask the Duct for each solid you checked it against.

Hi Nick_Boyts,
I tried different list levels in FilterByBoolMask and still not working. it brings all the ducts or it brings error.

You wouldn’t use list levels on the list input of FilterByBoolMask. You want the normal list filtered by each sublist.

when I do that, it gives me warning though

The list input would be unchanged but mask would still be @L2.
You have a list of boolean lists for each line you checked. You need to apply each of those sublists separately (@L2) to the normal geometry list (unchanged). Look into list levels and try to get a better understanding of how they work. They are incredibly important for managing lists with multiple levels.