Nodal Load


Using the Analysis add-on for Autodesk Robot…

I’m trying to apply a nodal load to a list of points for which depending on the x coordinate the value of the load shall be positive or negative.
For the above, I got the list of points from the model and then with an if-node a created a list of loads which are positive or negative depending on the x-value of the points.

The issue being how to combine them, i.e. how to feed the NodalLoad.ByNodes node in Dynamo so the 1st element of one list combines with the 1st of the other, the 2nd with the 2nd, etc.?

Thanks in advance!

As an alternative, since I only have two values, there is the option of creating two lists and applying the positve/negative values separately.
How can I eliminate all the points from a list whose x-value is lower than 0?