No reliable way to stop a portion of a script from running?

I’ve found a few threads where people have talked about this, but they’re all years old.

The basic scenario is wanting to either stop the script or choose a portion of a script to run and abandon the other “fork.”

I’ve seen people use if nodes, but there’s still always something passed to the rest of the script. No way to really STOP it without getting warnings and errors.

I have a very simple test script here. There is no way to stop the message box from coming up.

Anyone ever found a good method for this?

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Look into Datashapes UI++ for this. There is a boolean input which will allow the node to execute or not.

For more complex operations, moving to a code based approach is a good idea. There are a few ways to do this via design script without too many headaches. Node to code is your friend there.

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put the message box on the false input branch and it will not execute.

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