Does a node to choose between several paths exist?


A simple node that allows to select between several other nodes to choose the path the workflow will continue the execution, so we can easily add several options to the same script.

Does this exist?


Often times I use FilterByBoolMask for this.


One thing that’s good to keep in mind, and John shows this in his graph but doesn’t explicitly mention it, is that you can’t stop a portion of your graph from being executed. You just have to redirect your data to where it needs to go and send null values or empty lists to the portions that you want to ignore.

Combine this with something like Data-Shapes and you could build a pretty slick interface for choosing specific “options” before running your script.


Good to know, thanks for the tips.

That came to my mind when doing an update sheet revision script: sometimes we need to go to the next letter and version 1 and other times is same letter and next revision number. So that means choosing a different Python script.

What I do for now is using Watch nodes to control where the wires go without dropping all the wires out, and then just change a wire. Not very professional but does the job with 2 clicks: