No more Lunchbox for Dynamo?

Hi guys, is that correct?

what did we do this time? How come Proving ground has dropped that ball?

I am hope I have misunderstood…



This is correct.

Nothing we can do beyond helping find other nodes unfortunately. Feel free to reach out to them via the contact info on their website to find out why, or request they publish a final working version of the package to the package manager to make distribution doable long term without users having to compile the package themself.

“partially correct”

Lunchbox went open source. I have my own fork of it on Bitbucket, with a release that I recently compiled here,

NOTE: I only compiled it because we needed it for a few things. This does not mean I am “taking over the package” or that I will be able to provide any kind of support for it either. I simply wanted it to still be available for those who needed it.

Remember to use 7zip to unzip it too.