No intersections problem

If i have many circles as bounding boxes inside one big square as boundingbox and i just want to know if there is a space that the circles don’t cover the square , how to do that in dynamo?images

Try building a surface from the square and a solid from the circles, taking the difference of the two, and that will get you the remainder.

How to make one solid shape from many circles

Extrude as solid. Union the shapes into a single solid.

you should be able to use Surface.Boolean (union and difference) if you can do this in Dynamo sandbox 2.3


How to do it in dynamo 1.2

But is there a way to get a boolean output if the two shapes don’t cover each other

Yes there is,

In the pic i want to know if the two circles cover the whole rectangle or not , so if the two circles cover the whole rectangle i will get true , if not as in the pic it gives me false

Yes you can,
you recover the vertices of your cubes, you look for if all the points are inside in the sum of the circles
see Attachment

After the boolean difference, get the volume of the resulting solid. If it’s > 0 then you don’t cover.

Thank you all