Next Dynamo tutorial series?

I am trying to take a pulse from folks here about the next Dynamo tutorial series that i will be doing over at Think Parametric. Please let me know what you want to learn about or simply vote on the ideas that I have proposed. You can use the comments section to throw in some more stuff.


Hi @Konrad_K_Sobon,

Perhaps advanced subjects like zero touch C# or python with Revit API? I think you’ll find there is a gap here and you have quite a bit of knowledge of both. Harry Mattison’s Revit API course on Udemy did quite well when it was released, but this course is not that transferrable into Dynamo Node Development unless you know how. If you are new to Revit API/Python/Coding then it is akin to a massive ball of string with a thousand ends, so I think it would do well if there was such a course.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:

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How about a comprehensive tutorial on list management?
There are great posts on the forum on the use of List.Map and Codeblock replication guides. But having a central reference document would be super helpful


I like that idea and I would probably prefer that, but unfortunately there is a smaller audience that is interested in that kind of thing rather than a less advanced topics or even a case study workflows.

Thanks for the suggestion though!

I think there is plenty of that covered here. That would also make for one really boring series. :slight_smile: I will try to keep it interesting instead of getting into nitty gritty of how lists work. Sorry,

Fair enough, Maybe sometime in the future! I think that there’s a growing demand and for anyone that really wants to get down and dirty with Dynamo. :wink: Look forward to the new course though

Lists are boring? :rage:
I thought people play with lists when they are bored :wink:



You know I love me some List management but at the same time It’s not the most pleasurable way to pass time on a Saturday afternoon. :slight_smile:

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I second @Daniel_Woodcock1 on C# and Python through Dynamo, along with node/package creation. Maybe you could do a webinar instead and say we will do it if we’re about “this number of people”. Or have it be on demand. I think it would be great and very original, it’s just that every other problem is pretty much solvable through the forum for me and some basic on those topics would be nice.

I’d also be in favour of some Python/API content as it’s a good step up from a node based workflow. Batch view creation/automation and sheet setup could also be really useful.