Dynamo Training on Pluralsight

Hello Everyone!

There were a few posts recently regarding training, so I held off on this post. (Also because @solamour was wrapping his up, and we wanted to do a joint announcement :grin:).

Both @solamour and myself have now published courses on Pluralsight.com about Dynamo!

My course is at an introductory level, covering a diverse range of entry-level topics and core tenets required to leverage the power of Dynamo within Revit. I focus upon the daily use of Dynamo as a tool.

My course is entitled: Dynamo for Daily Use within Revit

@solamour’s course is at an Intermediate level, covering geometry creation within Dynamo and then exploring how to automatically create options, parse that data out to an excel file for storage and the exact re-creation at a later date.

His course is entitled: Exploring Dynamo Geometry

There is a third course on Pluralsight also, created by Kevin Griendling, entitled Visual Programming Introduction with Dynamo and Revit.

With Pluralsight, you sign up for a subscription, a la Netflix, and get access to all content.

Hopefully this helps some people! We are both pretty excited to finally get this out.