Newbe question

Hi. Newbe here for a question regarding how to make a string that has x,y var as I learn to make an area schedule for filled region in Rv. Someone posted on internet a how to YouTube, I just copy his work. I ve done all the tag, except for one I don’t know how to. Pls help.


Hi @yes_and_no !
Please show more of your script (the first nodes) and expand the pop up window to show the result of each nodes.
If you want to get the areas of the filled regions you ca do it that way :

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the first two nodes here are perfect, but on a large data set (model) the second two will be a much heavier operation to create all the faces and then compute areas. I would suggest using the Area parameter as @yes_and_no was already showing since it’s already a calculated property of the Filled Region.


Right ! :slight_smile:
I will just add that it is often usefull or necessary to recreate the geometries in dynamo : learning, checking, script “debugging”, getting intersections…