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I am new to dynamo and trying to learn it. It the early tutorials it keeps showing the number nodes and being able to put in 0…10. Well when i put that in, it does not like that and wants a whole number. Also i can not attach a number slider for example to a number node, only the number node to something else.

Am i missing something, different node for this situation or what?

The tutorials show 0…10 then …#A or something along those lines, but my number node i can only put in whole numbers.


Show your attempts and use codeblock instead of the number node.

I am also new to using this forum so what do you mean show my attempts? And how do you use the code block?

@pbair2793 see this post: How to get help on the Dynamo forums

Like this for example :


got it. thank you very much for the help

Now what about if trying to connect an integer or number slider to the code block? Is there a way to do that?

Use a letter to define a variable.
You will have an input port in the codeblock.


I would highly recommend you to read the Dynamo Primer (we all went through it :slight_smile: ), especially the part about CodeBlocks :