New transaction is not permitted

Was trying to get a simple script to create conveyance plans by creating one cropped Area Plan view for each Area on a particular level.

Managed to get the steps to filter, create the Area Plan Views, Rename them and Assign a View Template of choice but the script keeps breaking when I try to use the Areas Bounding Boxes to drive the crop region for that view.

dyn attached.

Any ideas/suggestions?

CREATE - Views from Areas - Conveyance Plans.dyn (55.7 KB)

Thank you in advanced.

Use the Transaction.End and Transaction.Start nodes immediately before the SetCropRegion node and see if that will help you.

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Thank you @SeanP ,

You mean like this? It is still producing the same warning.

There is a bug in Dynamo re: bounding boxes not getting surfaced correctly.

More on that here:

With that in mind, I removed that node from Rhythm. Use another package like Genius Loci or MEPover for setting crop box curves…


incidentally, just for reference, the title of the post mentions Revit 2022. I was having this issue with Revit 2020.

Thank you for replying @john_pierson