New To Dynamo / Revit Library

Hi Im new to Dynamo and I can not find Revit section in Library ? Do you know how to load it?

the first image is like my Dynamo look like and the second from video training. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.



The Revit library does not appear when you are running in standalone. Instead of opening Dynamo from the Start menu, open Dynamo from the Addins tab in Revit. Then the Revit library and any other custom libraries with Revit dependencies will load.

Thank You Colin,


I could not start Dynamo from Revit. Grayed out. Ok this is the same issue which we have with installation for 2015.


Aleksandra do you have any other addins installed in your revit deployment?

i were struggling with revit 2015 and dynamo 7.3/4xxx builds. dynamo always grayed out after start.

then i found out that dynamo is not compatible with kiwi codes bonus tools.

after removal of the other addins dynamo works fine.


This is what I have at the moment . Do you think any of those can case the problem?Capture