New list elements used on old list skipping some on the way

Sorry for strange topic but I didn’t know how to name it properly. I got a list of elements which I turn to string, split, filter etc. Along the way some of original elements got eliminated. How to retain connection of new list to the old elements? For example I’d like to get value of new list element item 832 to be used on original element 1062?


To be sure I’m clear - another example. I have list [1st, 2nd, X, 3rd] which through various operations I end up with list [A,B,C] and I want to corelate new elements 0, 1 and 2 to old elements 0,1 and 3 .

You can use List filter by bool mask. If you upload the whole Graph it would be easyer to help.

Python node is one of your options.

Sorry, I thought the graph I posted showed everything relevant to the problem, here’s the wider look.

ps How would bool mask help here?

This should work:

You did have unequal lists

If you gonna filter out Values, you have to filter out elements aswell.

You have used List.FilteredByBoolMask twice. Then right after the second time, data source for Door Apartment has already been truncated so it’s already a mismatch between your first filtered set of elements (By mark starts with IDR) and data for assigning Door Apartment.

Thank you very much for your comments. I just needed someone else to look at this because I was getting lost. Case solved. :cowboy_hat_face: