New Equals Node with Tolerance Input

Hello Dynamo fans!

We, the Dynamo team, have launched a new Equals node in the latest daily build for Dynamo 2.5, which can take in a custom tolerance from the user. This enables you to do equality checks easily for numbers within a user defined tolerance thus giving you the flexibility to work outside the constraints of the built-in tolerance of 1e-5 used internally in DesignScript. We have tried to do a better job of explaining the concept of equality in DesignScript and what the internal constants being used are to help our users make better decisions and reason about their workflows better. You can read a more in-depth blog post about this here.

The new Equals node with tolerance input is an additional improvement and will hopefully be a lot more useful to those of you who have faced challenges with doing equality and comparison checks before.

Thank you from the Dynamo Team.


No more rounding and converting Revit values! :partying_face:


Thank you team for adding this as a new node and not tweaking the original one. :clap:

(flashbacks of Polycurve.ByJoinedCurves coming back)


so what i can do about it plz