Cant compare parameter value with python node, but have no problem doing so with designscript code block

Hi, I a having a problem I cant find a solution to I was hoping if someone could please help. I’m trying to compare the Equipment Voltage value from a panel element in the image with python code to find which values are equal to 480. The output of I get parameter value node has 480 in it as you can see in my image, but when I try comparing that using a python node it doesn’t give me the right answer. However, if I use a code block in dynamo I get exactly the values I’m looking for can someone explain why and possibly tell me how to do this with a python node instead of a dynamo code block please. Thank You.

Just need to add the if statement :slight_smile:

Try using an Object.Type node to see if the two values are the same. 480 isn’t the same as 480.000000.

Thanks Jacob that was exactly the issue, after I found out that was the problem I used the round() function in python to get an integer and my problem was solved. Thank You all for your help.

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Thanks for the help I used your code and Jacobs comment to get my code working thank you.

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