New dictionary with similar structure OR Replace values

I have created a Dic.A. It contains [a…e] as keys and 9 curves as Values. Now I want to create a Dic.B with similar keys and structure except that I want 9 integers ( a list of offset distances for each respective curve, marked in red)
Is it possible to simply replace the values of Dic.A with a list of integers ? if so, I would want to reorder the dictionary by key as the dictionary is not in alphabetical order.

I have can read the dictionary with alphabetical order but its not a dictionary any more. Its a nested list.


Is it possible to have Dictionary with Keys, Value A, Value B, and I could recall by Key and Value A, B ?
Reason I want it is to later send offset distances to each respective curve without disturbing list structure.

Any help would be appreciated

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@hassan.orion ,

Syntax is cruzial in the case of dictionaries

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thats a good direction. Can I create nested list, like I have ?


@hassan.orion ,

a dictionary needs unique items… …you are repeating items … thats the reson why you have a warning

you work based on conditions

If it can help


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