New category of parameters

Hello everybody,
My question is quick, is it possible to create a custom parameters category in order to put, for example, all the parameters to be filled in by the user or even parameters automated by Dynamo ?

For example, on my screenshot I have “Constraints”, “Structure”, “Ribs”, “Identification data” and “Construction phase” (my Revit is in French). Is it possible to create a “Dynamo” category or a category with the name of my company “123STR” to classify new parameters ?


No, its not possible…

Okay, is there any explanation for this limitation ?

I don’t know exactly… but I am sure, not possible the create a new group or category.

Maybe @JacobSmall or @solamour can explain.

Hello @B_lechat - I assume here you are asking how to create a new parameter field which you can use Dynamo to populate?

If so, you can totally do this with Parameter.CreateProjectParameter

If you are looking to create new Parameter Groups (In the image above, Select BuiltIn Parameter Group) then those are not changeable and are built into Revit itself.


The explanation is these groups are hard built into Revit and have been for a while. This request has been on the ideas board many times and for many years - ain’t gonna happen I’d say. The OpenBIM/IFC enhusiasts would kill for this feature (as would I).

The good news is that pretty much every other platform (existing/developing) has integrated such a feature to enable pset groups to exist in the authored environment visually at least.


Hello and thank you for your answer.
I am not looking to create a new parameter in a parameter group, but rather a new grouping.
Like in your screenshot with “Constraints”, “Text”, “Structural”, “Dimensions”, “Identity Data”, “Phasing”. The idea is to have your own parameter group.


Hello @B_lechat - Unfortunately that is not possible as this is set in a static way by Revit, as @GavinCrump mentioned above.