Nested List Inputs in Design Script

Hello all,

I am attempting to write a design script which requires the input of two nested list. The inputs were parameters retrieved from a Revit model (as shown in “Modelwall” and “DBwall” below). I realised that my desired output, “Modelwall”, is limited by the minimum no. of items in the sub-list of the two inputs, as shown in “Output” below.

Why is this so and how do I overcome this? (i.e. desired output to return the 8 items in “Modelwall” sub-list)

example 1


This has to do with lacing in DesignScript. Normally in node form you can right click and change lacing from auto to shortest, longest, or cross product. Functions are default set to auto which end up performing like shortest lacing.

To change this in designscript, you have to manually type in <1L> after the inputs.

See the picture below:


Hi Kennyb6,

Thanks for the explanation! It works :smiley: