DesignScript @List level

Hi, I am sorry if that is a stupid question, I just couldn’t get it to work, tried changing the @L(x) but the same result regardless.


How do I select the level using designscript on that case?

The example givem on the blog works, but I am failing to understanding how to use it in other lists.
Tryed List.LastItem(X@L2) and List@L2.LastItem(X)

Both cases give me the exact same result wich is the same as no level selected.


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Beside @salvatoredragotta 's solution, you could try Node to Code and study the results


Worked perfectly! Thanks for the advice, I will put it in practice right-away!

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Thanks for the advice! In some cases reducing the number of nodes can improve performance and readability of your code. This is just a small bit of a cluster bigger than 100 nodes.

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