Nested Families and Adding Parameters

So I know there is a lot of Shared Parameter discussions out there and adding those parameters, but they never quite did what I want. So with a big shout out to the DanEDU creator for his DanEDU.FamilyDocument.CreateParameter Node here is what I’d like to share.

I wanted to create all of the parameters from a Nested Family into the current family. I do a lot of nesting for Windows and Arrays etc. I set up a Template.rfa with no changes. I then loaded that and a Nested a family in to a new family. Using SetDifference I can show the user created parameters from the Nested Family compared to the Template.rfa. Then a Filter by Booleen mask and hey presto the DanEDU node creates the Parameters.

I setup my script for the parameter types Length, Number, Material, Yes/No and Text.

I’m sure this could go further than I’ve taken it. Anyone got any idea how to associate a family parameter?


Found the creator, you’re a legend Erik Falck Jørgensen! @erikfalckjorgensen

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Hi @Matthew.Pettengell,

That’s an interesting workflow…
To trigger the attention of Erik Falck Jørgensen his forum-id is @erfajo :grinning:
Are your nested familes “shared” families ?
Maybe you can share your .dyn and project file ?

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Hi @Matthew.Pettengell,

First of all, thanks to @MJB-online for giving the correct userid, As I can see it, at the package site, am I also set as the author for the DanEDU Dynamo package…

At the moment am I not considering to build nodes for nested families :slight_smile:

Reason for not making nodes for nested families is that I prefer to have all nested families saved as individual files. -> When updated, then you could use load families into your family. That can be made in a script where you eventually read which families go into what from an excel file.

None of my Families are shared in this case. I do use them in some joinery applications or Curtain walls.

The idea is bascially for Windows. I have a pane (started as a generic model, changed over to a Window) with a bunch of types and options, casement\awning, materials and dimensions. I nest this pane into a new window family and then create my configuration and assign the parameters, which was a lot of typing! I can now create those in seconds based on what parameters the nested family.

I’ll try get a sample family upload next week.

@erfajo I really appreciate your scripts and realize I may have found another use. I personal avoid excel, but I can see how that might work for some.

Have you ever considered a script for reading the current families\documents parameters? That would avoid my need for a template family. And would probably have other uses for family editing\creation

I dont have that much time at the moment, so I am afraid that I dont have the time to look into this challenge :slight_smile:

Hi @Matthew.Pettengell,

Does the below workflow suit your needs?

Copy parameters from nested families_v01.dyn (25.5 KB)

It’s a rough setup of what (i think) is your goal, but it needs further improvements.

  • The “parameter groupname” of the shared parameter list is added manualy (at this moment i don’t know how to get these values in an automated way).
  • I’m not sure if the DanEDU nodes can handle multiple values as “group” input (in my tests the shared parameters were not always placed in the correct parameter group).

I hope it points you in the right direction.

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I wasn’t actually looking for adding Shared Parameters, but good work. It also appears you have a different workflow for parameter type, does this actually work for a list of different parameter types?

This post was more to help others that don’t require Shared Parameters or Excel to get some normal parameters working.