Nested Combinations, am I missing something obvious?

NestedCombinations As much as I like a puzzle, I’m stuck on this one. In all probability I am missing something obvious. How do I make combinations of the items in two lists when these lists are nested in a larger list of these list pairs? All the options I’ve tried either result in too short a lacing, or a cross product. Can anyone help me find the unknown function that would get me the desired result from the given input? NestedCombinations

Thanks Vikram! I knew it had to be something simple like that.

Funny thing is, I think I tried that as well, and it still is not working for me. and, running on Revit 2015 R2 build 20151208_0715 both give me null values with this script. Can anyone verify?




I get the same result as you ekkonap (maybe a danymo version issue?) … AnyhowI takes 2 mapsand a custom node to get exactly where you want :

-The custom node:









The result :

On 0.9.0 you could try this…

Very interesting. I never knew exactly how the <#> work… How would you explain it vikram?

Refer to the explanation on Replication Guides in the Dynamo Primer . (“How about Lacing?”)

@Mostafa, had to add an ‘input’ Node. Great idea! Making a function with a custom node is probably the one thing I had not tried yet. Works for 0.8.2.

@ Vikram, thanks for the workaround. I’ll be sure to try in 0.9.0, but in 0.8.2 it doesn’t work. Any idea why that could be? The primer does not go into very much detail.




The input node was needed indeed! i took my screenshot to early :slight_smile:


glad it helped though